Myself and Laurb.

we’re pretty hot and punk rock at the same time

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Miss you, Tumblr

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Crippling loneliness is seeping it’s way back into my soul

I’m the girl other girls warn you about

Things I’ll Never Say

1) I can still feel what it’s like to kiss your forehead. I watch you eat sometimes just to remind myself what shapes your mouth take. I still think your funny, even though sometimes overhearing your conversations make me frustrated to no end. The way your chest hair feels on my face and the strength of your arms enveloping me are burned into my memory. A part of me says, “the third time’s the charm,” even though all the other parts know better.

2) I am falling in love with you again. Everything about our chemistry is comfortable and fun. I feel like I can share every inch of my soul with you, and all of that fragile, invaluable information will be safe. I often watch you from afar as you go about your business and daydream about simply hugging you for extended periods of time. I am going to miss those curls; I really wish you wouldn’t cut your hair. Every time I hear your laugh from around a corner, I smile to myself. I can feel the adrenaline bursting through my chest when you come bouncing through in your leather jacket. It would be my pleasure to be your Meg.

3) You are a completely defferent person than when I fell in love with you. I am a completely different person from when you left to continue the same habits in a poor paradise. I know that you are still in love with me, but I think that brief window in which we were soulmates has closed. I am selfish when it comes to you. I am convinced that one day you’ll be able to save me and take care of me and treat me like you should have when you abused me two years ago. I don’t think I will ever have the heart to tell you that our paths are splitting in two separate directions.

4) We can absolutely never be together. It’s like we’re from the same puzzle, but we never touch; there are too many pieces in between. I think you are aware of this as well. But I absolutely adore you and will follow you on any adventure you decide to pursue and I will support you one-hundred percent. Let’s always stay genuine, especially with each other.

5) I am very glad I met you. You are one of the sweetest individuals I have ever met. It’s difficult that you live so far away, but hopefully it works out that I can get to know you better. You have the most gorgeous set of lips I have ever seen. I will remember them forever. I think we have the potential to be very close. I can’t wait to hear you whisper good morning in my ear again.

My soul is in a state of aching euphoria.

I am having this strange inner dilemma for the first time in my life. I miss being in a relationship and having a deep, personal connection with someone, but I also really love the absolute freedom of being single. The thing is, the decisions I’ve made while single have caused me to fall in love with multiple people at once (you may debate what that “love” actually means, but, as it turns out, I don’t give a shit what you think), which is also a very confusing thing to have to absorb. I feel my heart growing and shrinking every day.

boy hip bones

I want to kiss them all


let’s all take a moment to be grateful that we are no longer the person we were in 2008

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when ppl start talkin shit about someone who treated you like garbage


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true love is having a crush on him even after he got a haircut

the female mind is a very strange place.

No one’s denying it

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please help me

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is she in the bus station from spongebob

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how do we even decide what our favorite colors are, are our brains just like “i like green because yea”

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